Consulting Interview Questions #1

  1. Walk me through your resume?

  2. Why you want to join BCG?

  3. Why do you want to work on consulting?

  4. What do you expect out of a analyst role?

  5. Imagine there is a conflict happen with a customer then how you deal with them?

  6. What is your strength and weakness?

  7. What was the most stressful situation of your life and how you deal with them?

  8. How is your hypothesis and are handle any issue with hypothetically?

  9. Tell me of a time you had a conflict with a senior in your previous firm?

  10. What is meaning of innovation in your life?

  11. There is one telecom telecom company and he loose 1 million customer every quarter then what will your strategy to increase the customer of this company in next 2 quarters?

  12. An airline company who facing the problem with fuel rise every day, but due to tough competition company not able to increase ticket price. Then how they will maintain profitability?

  13. A pharmaceutical company that is facing lower than expected sales for new product? What is the reason behind it?

  14. Suppose there is Tyre company who have large volume of sales in previous year but in this financial years the sales drop by 50% ?Why?

  15. Estimates the cost of cosmetics industry in Asia?

  16. Estimate the cost of Heath and Wellness industry in Europe?

  17. Did you think the AI technology will be the future?

  18. How to help the Maximize revenue for fashion retailer client?

  19. Did you think Merger and Acquisition is good for the country?

  20. What are your Recommendations based on the understanding of the business model?

  21. The is plane carrier is going through profitability issue. How would you advise CEO as to what to do increase profitability?

  22. How the profit improve for a retail company?

  23. Estimate the hotel industry revenue in Americas?

  24. What is your main motivation which want to work for this consulting firm?

  25. How you handle multiple responsibilities?

  26. Tell me what is the market sizing of luxury retail business in Italy?

  27. Imagine you have a multiple work at a time that you had to prioritize and how you decided which initiative was most important?

  28. Estimate the mobile business in India?

  29. How do you work with conflicting deadlines of projects?

  30. If i want to enter into the snack market, what is strategy to enter in this market?

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