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Corporate Finance Interview Questions #3

Questions Asked In Corporate Finance Job Role

  1. How does compounding work actually? Would I Be better off with 12% annual or semi? What about 8% semi annuall vs. 12% annuall?

  2. Tell me curremtly where is US trade deficit now?

  3. Explain me the main difference between macauley and modified duration?

  4. What is the biggest debt market by product in the USA? Rank the top 3 markets.

  5. Tell me what does liquidity allow an investor?

  6. What is unique about the US treasury Market vis a vis the rest of the debt market? How does a swap work?

  7. What are the two basic problems financial manager faces nowadays?

  8. Define Balance Sheet?

  9. If any corporate bond increase by 10 basis poing what whoul be impact?

  10. Currently you working for the finance division of our company and you recieve a project to advice our client how would you decide whether or not to invest in a project?

  11. Explain me what is Deferred Tax Liability and what is impact of DTL?

  12. Tell me what is P/E Ratio and how you calculate?

  13. Explain me what is Stock Options?

  14. What is the difference between Stock Split and Stock Dividend?

  15. Explain me the main clean price and dirty price of bond?

  16. Tell me what two most basics financial statements prepared by the companies?

  17. What is a Stock Split and Stock Dividend?

  18. Explain formula of WACC and how you will calculate?

  19. Explain me about a profit maximization?

  20. What is a Revenue Expenditure?

  21. what is the Reserves and Surpluses in the balance sheet?

  22. Tell me about the deferred revenue expenditure?

  23. Just think you take some project and putting lot of efforts and you getting failed so how you will came out from there?

  24. Tell me why you interested in this area of corporate finance?

  25. What would you invest in with $5mm? What is your portfolio exposure?

  26. Tell me have you some basic idea about what is regulatory body change in corporate laws.

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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