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Financial Statement Crossword Part 1

Exercise your brain with this crossword puzzle. Solve by filling in the missing letters and if you get stuck, click on the help button for a clue to find one- let's go!

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2. Unearned Revenues and Customer Deposits are both examples of accounts that fall into this category.

7.The value of shareholders' equity is equal to the deficit that results when a company's total assets are subtracted from its total liabilities.

10.Debt securities that are registered and make an obligation to pay interest every six months in addition to the principal amount when they mature.

12.A common noncash expense is.

13.Assets that will be converted into cash or consumed within a year (or the length of the accounting cycle, if it is longer than a year) are categorised as.

14.The financial statement, whose format resembles the accounting equation,

15.The two most important aspects of stockholders, also known as shareholders, are paid-in capital and retained earnings.


1. On the balance sheet, debts to suppliers and employees are shown as .

3. The profit is equal to the sales amount minus the cost of the goods that were sold.

4. It is common practise to refer to the cost principle simply as the cost principle.

5. The term "stock" refers to a corporation's own shares of stock that have been repurchased but are not yet considered retired.

6. The account on the balance sheet is . Earnings will have a credit balance if the company's cumulative earnings have been positive and its dividends have been less than the earnings.

8. the rule of accounting that forbids reporting assets at their current value.

9. Long-term is another word for it.

11.On the statement of cash flows, dividends that a corporation declares and pays are detailed under this activity.


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