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Top Equity Research Interview Questions

Questions Asked For Equity Research Interview

  1. Tell me the difference between cyclical and growth industries and how they are affected by external factors?

  2. Where do you see the market in 5-10 years and why do you believe so?

  3. Tell me about what is the P/E ratio and how would you use it to compare companies?

  4. Tell me about some top Indexes in NSE and BSE?

  5. Tell me about the market capitalization?

  6. Where is the dollar vs the INR?

  7. What is the 10-year T-Note rate?

  8. What is the price of gold?

  9. How to evaluate P/E ratio to determine if a stock is cheap If you don't have comparable companies data ?

  10. How to analyze different sectors of companies ?

  11. What does the cost structure like for the Manufacturing industry, How will you evaluate and what are their biggest cost components?

  12. Let’s say that you run a French fries franchisee You have two options The first is to increase the price of each of your existing products by 10% (imagining that there is price inelasticity) And the second option would be to increase the total volume by 10% as a result of a new product Which one should you do and why?

  13. What do you think the income statement would look like for a Pharma company like Sun pharma, abbott and cipla? What would their COGS be? How about their operating margin?

  14. I see that you have no market experience and what should make me believe that this is something you are seriously interested in?

  15. Why are you looking for an equity research job?

  16. Which stock do you pitch for me and why?

  17. Can you tell me what valuation techniques you use if I ask you to value a company?

  18. To your best ability What do you think is the main reason stocks fell by 20%?

  19. Tell me about what PE ratio is a popular valuation metric and what the PE ratio number tries to tell us?

  20. Tell me something about yourself that is not on your resume?

  21. Explain to me the type of financial modelling?

  22. Do you understand the DCF model and Walk me through the process?

  23. Can you tell me about any previous research work you have done?

  24. Can you tell me which industry has a future?

  25. What type of valuation work have you done in the previous company?

  26. Tell me about which industry you like to analyze and why?

  27. Suppose I am given a task to make a report for an automobile company. How will you gather data and information?

  28. Being a successful analyst what skills do you have ?

  29. What is the main reason that stocks go up or down?

  30. Give me your overview on the economy and the stock market?

  31. What are the current interest rates and what do you think about in future?

  32. If interest rates were to go up then which sectors do you think would benefitted and which would stand to disadvantage?

  33. If you were to get a job here then which sector or industry would you select and why?

  34. How would you compare Consumer Durable firms ?

  35. Are you prepared for stressful work?

  36. Suppose you write a research report BUY recommendation for any IT stock for long term and you know 2 days laters the stock price falls by 7%. What would be your recommendation?

  37. How many companies are listed in BSE and NSE?

  38. Tell me about the Analyst to Associate ratio?

  39. Suppose you are concall in quarterly earnings and you have to ask a question to the CEO about the future earnings then what would you ask first?

  40. How do you rank buy-side clients?

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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