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Toughest Invest Banking Interview Questions #4

  1. Tell me how would you hedge against Crude Oil?

  2. Where do you see the European market in 2025?

  3. Where do you think the global economy is headed?

  4. Explain to me what's happening in the oil market and how this will impact other markets?

  5. Tell me about when the Fed starts increasing interest rates? What are the advantages and disadvantages for the economy and market?

  6. Tell me about the global economy?

  7. If the ECB stops quantitative easing then What happens to the markets for equities, rates, and credit?

  8. Did you think quantitative easing is connected to the oil price? How?

  9. Tell me about your Past work experience?

  10. Walk me through a deal you heard in the past six months?

  11. Walk me through your CV which is not mentioned in that?

  12. Why did you leave your last organisation position and why do you want to join us?

  13. What are the biggest failures in your life and what have you learned from them?

  14. What are your most proudest accomplishments?

  15. Walk me about Beta in detail?

  16. What do you mean by CAPM and how will you calculate?

  17. Tell me about WACC and how do you calculate it?

  18. Tell me about the term of accretion and dilution?

  19. Suppose there are two companies trading at the same trailing P/E multiple, are they also trading at the same trailing EV/EBITDA multiple, Why?

  20. Explain to me a DCF WIth NPV and how you calculate?

  21. Explain to me a DCF with IRR and how you calculate it?

  22. Tell me about different types of methods of valuation and what are their pros and cons?

  23. How to link three financial statements?

  24. Tell me about working capital and how to calculate it?

  25. Give me an overview of the major line items of a Cash Flow Statement?

  26. What is meant by the Discount Dividend Model and how to calculate it?

  27. Tell me what is higher - the cost of equity or the cost of debt, and why?

  28. Tell me why a company prefers equity finance over debt finance?

  29. Tell me about a recent deal of any technology company?

  30. Tell me the four valuation methods Now ranking them in order of your preference

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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