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Toughest Invest Banking Interview Questions #8

  1. A team member is nor contributing to the project and you confront them but They still don't contribute then what will you do?

  2. How do you handle a client who goes against the company policy and how will you manage?

  3. Walk me through your CV

  4. Which was your preferred class at university?

  5. Suppose you receive a confidential email by mistake then What do you do, you will read and delete or you will inform the sender?

  6. You are working in a confidential project and Your previous manager asks about it. He says he wants information on the project to help with an important decision then what do you do?

  7. What are your strengths?

  8. What are your weaknesses?

  9. Which of your skills and experiences make you appropriate for this job role and why?

  10. What motivates you in your life?

  11. What would make you satisfied in your life?

  12. Tell me why did you want to join Goldman Sachs?

  13. What makes Barclays different from its competitors?

  14. Why do you want to work for the research division of HSBC?

  15. Have you ever had any issues with your work-life balance and how you manage?

  16. What skills do you think are required to do this job And why we hire you

  17. Can you tell me about a mistake you made in the past, and how you overcame it?

  18. What do you think a position within Forex Sales would entail?

  19. Should charities be taxed? Why?

  20. Suppose the private equity model of buying cheap, cutting costs, and selling high did you agree with my statement and why?

  21. Can you estimate India's GDP?

  22. You have estimated the average salary as $50k. Can you now estimate the largest mortgage an individual can obtain when buying a house Let’s say the interest rate is 6% on a 25 year mortgage?

  23. Pitch me a stock to invest and why?

  24. What are three ways of valuing a company and Explain to me in detail?

  25. Tell me about your educational background?

  26. Which are the most interesting things within Forex markets at the moment?

  27. If you could pick whichever investment you wanted and where would you put your money today equities, bonds, derivatives ?

  28. If the client wants to invest in commodities then what's your pick and why?

  29. Are Equities and commodities correlated?

  30. Imagine a hedge fund manager taking a short position on crude oil then what will impact it on the market?

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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