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Corporate Finance Interview Questions #1

  1. Tell me about Financial Statements of a company and what do they tell about a company?

  2. Explain the Cash Flow Statement in detail?

  3. Explain three sources of short Define Working Capital

  4. A company buys an machinery and tell me the impact on the 3 financial statements?

  5. What is EPS and how is it calculated?

  6. What is deferred tax?

  7. When you analyze foreign firm what types of information would you look for to value a foreign company?

  8. What is securitization?

  9. What is disintermediation?

  10. Where is the US budget deficit in 2020 and what impact would be in economy ?

  11. Tell me about convexity?

  12. What is the most liquid debt market in the world? How do derivatives work?

  13. Why we look balance sheet?

  14. Tell me why we use Financial Modeling in Corporate Finance?

  15. Can you tell me what are the most common multiples used in valuation and why?

  16. Describe WACC and its components

  17. What is DCF method?

  18. What is Rights Issue?

  19. Explain what is cash system of Accounting?

  20. What is CAPEX?

  21. Tell me about what is Revenue Expenditure?

  22. Explain me about accrual system of Accounting?

  23. What is Deferred Tax Liability and if getting increase then what is impact?

  24. Elaborate the difference between share capital & reserves and surpluses?

  25. Tell me about the advantages of proprietary firms?

  26. What are Stock Options and how you calculate?

  27. What is DCF method and did you think it is reliable?

  28. What are the types of Rights Issue?

  29. What are the most common multiples used in valuation?

  30. What is DCF method?

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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