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Creating 5000+ Folders of US Stock Tickers Using Excel and a Batch Script

In the world of finance, organizing and analyzing stock market data is crucial for making informed investment decisions. One common task is creating folders for each US stock ticker symbol. While manually creating folders for thousands of tickers can be time-consuming, a simple combination of Excel and a batch script can automate this process.


Before we get started, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  1. Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

  2. A list of US stock tickers in an Excel spreadsheet (Column A).

  3. Basic knowledge of Excel functions and batch scripting.

Step 1: Copy Stock Tickers to Excel

Open the Excel file containing the list of US stock ticker symbols.

Copy all the ticker symbols from the relevant column, typically column A, and paste them into column A of a new worksheet.

Step 2: Generate Folder Creation Commands

In cell B1 of the Excel worksheet, enter the following formula: =MD "&A1

This formula will concatenate the text "MD " with the ticker symbol in cell A1. The "MD" command is used to create a folder in the current directory.

Drag the formula in cell B1 down to the last cell in column A. This will automatically populate column B with folder creation commands for each ticker symbol.

Step 3: Save Excel File

Save the Excel file with a descriptive name, such as "StockTickerFolders.xlsx".

Step 4: Create a Notepad File

Open a new Notepad file.

Copy all the folder creation commands from column B of the Excel worksheet and paste them into the Notepad file.

Save the Notepad file with the extension ".bat". For example, you can save it as "StockTicker.bat".

Step 5: Execute the Batch Script

Double-click the saved batch script file (StockTicker.bat).

The batch script will execute the folder creation commands, automatically creating folders for each US stock ticker symbol in the current directory.


By combining the power of Excel and a batch script, you can efficiently create folders for thousands of US stock ticker symbols. This automation saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on analyzing and interpreting your stock market data.

By following these simple steps, you can automate the creation of 5000+ US stock ticker folders using Excel and a batch script. This approach can save you a significant amount of time and make data organization more efficient. Whether you're managing stock data or any other type of information, this method can be adapted to suit your needs, streamlining the folder creation process.

Watch Below Video to understand how we are Creating 5000+ Folders of US Stock Tickers Using Excel and a Batch Script

Download Below Excel file

Stock Creation
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