Investment Banking Interview Questions #1

Questions Asked In Investment Banking Job

  1. Which crypto currencies want to invest and why?

  2. Did you will advice to your client to invest in crypto currencies and why ?

  3. Pitch me to buy a stock and why ?

  4. what do you think about the current market, weather it will bearish or bullish and why ?

  5. Did you think the if covid arise then which sector getting highly impacted?

  6. What happening in Asian stock market specially in Japan?

  7. Explain me the BS/IS and CF ?

  8. What news you read today and how does that affect the market?

  9. Have you seen anything interesting happen in the market today?

  10. Walk me through a dcf

  11. Briefly describe how DCF works? and what is pros and cons of DCF

  12. Tell me what is P/S ratio ?

  13. Explain me the alternative asset space?

  14. What do you do when a client go against company policy? and how you deal with that?

  15. If you had $1,000,000, which company would you lend to in, Apple or Facebook?

  16. If two companies have the same earnings the how you will value?

  17. What can cause growth

  18. How would you invest 1 million dollars? What will your strategy?

  19. What are the main methods of valuation?

  20. Walk me through a DCF? Do you think DCF is reliable

  21. How you will analyze trends in the an industry?

  22. What are options?

  23. How would you build a portfolio for the client ?

  24. what kind of asset would you recommend me for invest and why

  25. How you will construct a pure volatility portfolio?

  26. Imagine if you are a financial sponsor and you buy a company for $700 M and sell the same company a 3 years later for $700 M, do you make any money from this company?

  27. Tell me the main difference between an SMA and a mutual fund?

  28. walk me through some basic income statement calculations?

  29. How depreciation can be effect the financial statements?

  30. What happens to the WACC of a company if debt getting rise?

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