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Toughest Invest Banking Interview Questions #12

  1. What are the biggest regulatory threats faced by Investment Banking recently?

  2. What was Nvidia's price/earnings ratio in the past quarter?

  3. What's our stock price?

  4. Where do you see yourself in the investment banking industry in the next five years?

  5. Tell me a recent news article that you heard recently?

  6. Tell me the connection between interest rates and equity prices?

  7. What are the three top stocks to buy now? Why?

  8. Which bonds would you buy if corporate bonds defaulted?

  9. How would you influence a German pensioner to save Greece?

  10. Can you describe how swaps work actually?

  11. Where do you see the interest rate on US 5 year treasury bonds going on?

  12. A natural disaster occurs in Texas What impact does this have on markets?

  13. What's wrong with the UK economy? What will be the impact on the stock market?

  14. What oil price closed yesterday?

  15. How would you invest $1m, how would you take exposure?

  16. Can you tell me about the quantitative easing method?

  17. Tell me what impact do interest rates have on a country's exchange rate?

  18. Which are the most important/interesting points within FX markets at the moment?

  19. What would be the impact on Oil markets if the US went to war with Iran?

  20. Where's the S&P trading going on?

  21. Tell me the current yield on a 10 year Treasury bond?

  22. Draw me a call option

  23. What's more expensive - debt, or equity and why?

  24. A company's depreciation expense goes up by $1000 How does this affect its three financial statements?

  25. Why do you want a job in this division?

  26. What do you think about this job and how you will manage?

  27. Bankers can work hard for more than 15 hours How would you handle that?

  28. What news recently have you heard in the last 2-3 days?

  29. What's Dow Jones price today?

  30. Why banking?

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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