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Common Questions Asked For Entry Level Financial Analyst

Know what kind of common questions asked for entry level financial analyst role.

  1. Tell me about a Sharpe ratio and how to calculate?

  2. What is mean by operational profit?

  3. What are line items in income statement?

  4. What is list some current assets?

  5. Explain me a cash flow statement?

  6. How to calculate a gross profit?

  7. How to calculate a working capital?

  8. What is mean by Equity ratio?

  9. What is mean by valuation ratio?

  10. Calculate depreciation of $1000 for year 2020 new machinery purchased on December 2020?

  11. Estimate what is the market size of dairy industry in India?

  12. What is the difference between operating margin, gross margin and net revenue?

  13. What are the factors you would consider when you estimating sizing the market for would you look at when you want introduce a new product in the market.

  14. Tell me the difference between FCFF & FCFE?

  15. What is revenue model in detail?

  16. What is meaning of Market Sizing and how you estimate it?

  17. Tell me little bit about yourself which is not in your resume?

  18. What is meaning of EBITDA and how you will calculate?

  19. What is FFO and how you will calculate?

  20. How to calculate EPS (Earnings per share) ?

  21. What was the situation of the stock market 1 year ago?

  22. What is organic growth?

  23. What do you mean by Hedge funds?

  24. What is covenants, capital structure, cash flow construction and poison pill?

  25. What is mean by Yield to worst?

  26. Whether the Federal Reserve was going for a rate cut then what's your opinion and what impact would that have globally?

  27. Tell me what is asset bubble?

  28. Tell me why you will invest in bonds over stocks?

  29. How do you analyze stocks of any company?

  30. What was your role in your previous employment?

  31. How did you contribute growth in the organization?

  32. Tell me the difference between EV and Market Cap?

  33. How do you value a company using DCF method, especially if it is a Leveraged Buyout?

  34. When to use FCFF or FCFE and how to ascertain cost of capital for both of these?

  35. How you calculate the cost of equity ?

  36. Which sector would you advice investor to invest and why?

  37. Can you explain the supply and demand of the Metals industry in India?

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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