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Toughest Invest Banking Interview Questions #9

  1. Tell me about your worst investment decision when you take and what you learn from there?

  2. If a company should be ready for an IPO by the first half of 2021 then how optimistic are you about this going ahead?

  3. You've given flat year-on-year cost guidance of around €265bn for 2016 To what extent do you expect costs to fall next year?

  4. Analysts are predicting that your return on equity will be just 21% this year Are you optimistic this will increase in the future? Why?

  5. How optimistic are you that your Strategy for 2021 and What would you say the main execution risks are with the strategy with global indices ?

  6. How concerned are you about a sustained downturn in the fixed income sales and trading business and what will be your strategy to upturn both products?

  7. Your investing and lending money has struggled in recent quarters then what are the implications for this business if equity or debt markets lose value?

  8. How will you plan to achieve your cost cutting intentions when regulatory costs keep rising how you deal?

  9. How tense are you about a prolonged downturn in fixed income sales and trading? How do you deal with that?

  10. To what extent are you concerned about margins across the bank falling if the Bank of England cuts rates again and what is your strategy?

  11. How do you fit for this role and why do we hire you?

  12. Why do you want to leave from the last position?

  13. Describe your Previous experience leading a team and including at least one challenge you faced as a manager or team leader?

  14. Tell me what do you think are the US and European asset managers' biggest challenges in doing business in China and other Asian Countries?

  15. Tell me about what you think about volatility in the markets and how retail and institutional investors are reacting to the current macroeconomic environment?

  16. Suppose a client wants to start business in South Asia then how will you forecast a business and what will your research and advice be to the client?

  17. Given the cost of production is $100 for one company and $300 for another, both with revenues at $500, given P/E at 1x If one more cycle of cost-revenue goes up then which company should you invest in and why?

  18. Suppose there is breaking news that a public company you cover is about to acquire a private company and Your phones start to ring. One line is your trader, on the other is your top institutional investor and 3rd line your friends or colleague. Then Which phone do you answer first and why?

  19. What are some of the pros and cons of a (PE) price-to-earnings valuation?

  20. What are the main reasons that the market is up this year and why?

  21. If I give you $1000 What do you do?

  22. You are currently working on the sell-side then why do you want to join the buy-side?

  23. There are two companies in the same industry One increases price and the other invests to increase production capacity Which one would you rather invest in and why you want to invest?

  24. Which are the typical stages of an IPO?

  25. Give me your knowledge about discounted cash flow analysis?

  26. What do you mean by stock repurchases and why do companies do it?

  27. Tell me which is the best metric for valuing a company?

  28. In which kind of scenario would you not use comparables and discounted cash flow to value a company?

  29. Tell me the reason why minority interest is subtracted out in the calculation of (FCF) free cash flow?

  30. Explain to me how the balance sheet and cash flow statement link together?

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Note: Above questions are only for practice purpose. Analyst Interview does not take guarantee and accuracy of the questions. Please read Disclaimer and FAQ.

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